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The Process

Welcome to Supreme Pups, where we strive to make the journey of finding your perfect furry companion as easy and seamless as possible. Our streamlined process ensures that you can confidently bring home a loving addition to your family. It begins with browsing our exceptional selection of puppies to find the one that captures your heart.

Ready to Pawty?

1. Schedule a call

Set up a 15min call to virtually snuggle up with your future fur baby. Got questions? Let's chat and unleash the answers!

2. $500 Deposit

Seal the deal with a non-refundable $500 deposit, guaranteeing your chosen pup will be tail-waggingly yours.. It's like marking your territory, in the best way!

3. Pickup/Delivery

Ready to bring your new best friend home? Choose between local pickup or let our Supreme dog nanny accompany your pup for a doggone adventure to your doorstep!

4. Pay Balance

Upon delivery, complete the transaction by paying the remaining balance. It's time to roll over, give a paw, and officially welcome your furball into the family!

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What's included? 

We go the extra mile to pamper your pup with all the goodies! Our Supreme Pups come with up-to-date vaccinations and have been dewormed to keep those tails wagging happily. We also provide a brand new cozy bed, a snuggly blanket, and an adorable stuffed animal to make them feel right at home.

To help you navigate the world of puppy parenting, we offer a comprehensive list of tips and expert recommendations for food, play pens, and even the pawfect shampoo. And for those seeking emotional support or service animal registration, we've got you covered with helpful links to make the process smooth and hassle-free. At Supreme Pups, we believe in giving your furry friend the supreme treatment they deserve!

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